We Are Yulista Support Services

YSS supports our customers’ missions by providing superior quality and services. We provide safe and innovative solutions cognizant of operational tempo and budgets.

  • Aviation & Support Services
  • Maritime Operations & Support Services
  • Logistics & Technical Services
  • PMEL Operations & Management

Organizational, Intermediate, & Depot Level Maintenance

YSS provides quality, on-time, low-cost solutions for organizational, intermediate, and depot level maintenance. In a very dynamic industry that demands excellence in quality and safety performance, we employ motivated and dedicated professionals to perform aviation, maritime, and PMEL services.


YSS has the flexibility to respond to our customers’ evolving requirements with safe, reliable solutions world-wide. Our teams, many of them veterans, execute hundreds of projects supporting our War Fighters down-range and on the home-front. Our culture of quality sharpens our performance and drives us forward.

Quality Processes | Yulista

Best practices, such as ISO and AS quality standards, guide our management and engineering process improvement efforts and reinforce our commitment to providing the best solutions with the highest levels of service possible. We are certified to ISO9001:2015, AS9100D, and AS9110C quality standards.

Broad Spectrum of

Whether its maintenance on aviation, metrology, or maritime systems, our teams are equipped to provide the highest level of services to our customers. Our teams provide maintenance and modifications, parts management, cockpit upgrades, prototype design and development, precision measurement calibration, and maritime operations on experimental sea vessels.